Ride Forever courses are subsidised by ACC. You can receive a further subsidy from you local Council, check out this page - Register for your subsidy.

There are 4 different levels of Ride Forever courses (scooter, bronze, silver, gold) depending on the motorbike or scooter licence you hold. Most of the course will be held on road.


Bronze - Saturday 3 February 2018; Saturday 31 March 2018; Sunday 17 June; Sunday 9 September
Silver - Saturday 16 December 2017; Saturday 17 February 2018; Sunday 15 April; Saturday 14 July; Saturday 13 October
Gold - Sunday 21 January 2018; Sunday 4 March 2018;  Saturday 12 May; Sunday 19 August; Saturday 17 November        

There are two providers running these courses:

  • 2 Drive Safe Rider & Driver Training

To register for a course or for further information check out their website www.2drivesafe.com or phone 0508 TODRIVE / 021 734 484 or email duncan@2drivesafe.com

  • Roadsafe Rider

For upcoming dates check out their website www.roadsafe.co.nz or phone 0800 BE ROADSAFE or email admin@roadsafe.co.nz


Marlborough Motorcycle Riding School

Marlborough Motorcycle Riding School runs motorbike and scooter courses tailoured to your level of riding experience and individual needs.

Testing and training can also be provided in relation to obtaining your motorbike licence:

  • Basic Motorcycle Handling Skills course & test for Learner Licence

  • CBTA training & assessment for Restricted & Full Licence

To book in or to find out further information check out the website Marlborough Motorcycle Riding School or contact John on 021 0828 8713 or email contact@motorbikeschool.co.nz