Lane Splitting - Something to think about

Lane splitting - with more bikes on the road there is always discussion about what is legal.

Drivers need to be aware that Motorbikes can lane split - its one of the perks about being stuck in traffic on a bike!! But the rider needs to ensure they are following certain rules to make it safe and legal.

Ride Forever the NZTA and NZ Police have put together an info sheet which outlines the legal situation, and offers some advice on keeping yourself safe should you decide to lane split.

Bearings, Brakes and BBQ for Bikers - Bikers event in Marlborough!

Come and join us at the Giesen Sport Centre in Renwick on Sunday 1 September for the first of or Motorcycle Awareness Month Events !!

You could win a $500 or one of 2x $250 Beatnik vouchers! Free bike checks, free coffee, free BBQ plus other trade stands and giveaways .

See here for further information - or follow this link to the Facebook event invite.

Its fathers day - so bring your dad, and bring your kids!

See you there !

ACC offers cashback on your rego - Further information for riders

Fancy $100 off your bike rego this year? Well, from July that’s exactly what ACC is offering riders who do Ride Forever Silver and Gold courses.

The cashback offer was developed in response to feedback from motorcyclists during last year’s ‘Shape Your ACC’ levy consultation. It will be trialled for two years and is open to riders who’ve held a full New Zealand Class 6 licence for five years or more and who have a current motorcycle registration.

Riders can claim their cashback, paid into their New Zealand bank account, by supplying a photo of their current motorcycle rego. Simply take two courses (at least three months apart) and you can claim $100 on this year’s rego, and then claim another $100 in 12 months’ time. That’s $200 all up! And there’s good news for anyone who has already been on a Ride Forever Silver or Gold course -- so long as it was taken after 1 July 2016 it can count as the first course in your cashback claim.

Doing a Ride Forever course is not only a great day out on the bike, it also means you’re 27% less likely to put in an ACC claim having been injured in a crash. The two-year trial should demonstrate to ACC whether the incentive is effective at reducing claims even further. With 20,000 courses already completed since Ride Forever started five years ago, the aim is get more experienced riders through the programme so they enjoy the benefits of keeping their skills fresh.

The cashback adds to existing incentives, including several discounts and reimbursements on such things as insurance. This is on top of the substantial subsidy on the courses themselves (ACC pays $249 per course while the rider contributes a maximum of $50 per course).

Follow this link to read some Q & A’s on the promotion.

Riders can register for coaching by visiting the Ride Forever website. For full details about the cashback, see

Ridse Forever Silver Course - Great feedback from the Nelson/Tasman Courses

We received this email below from Tim who had just completed the Silver Ride Forever Course.

Have a read below - and get yourself booked in to share this awesome experience and really get some great skills training!

“I attended the Ride to Live Silver Course in Nelson/Richmond two weeks ago and I wanted to give you some feedback.

The Course was very well organised throughout, with our instructors Kevin and Jason clearly experts in their roles. They were well prepared; their initial evidence-based briefing gave us an appreciation of some worrying accident statistics and gave us the opportunity to ask ‘the burning questions’.

The practical aspects were well-chosen and helped us to develop balanced control of the bike at low speeds; the following excursion up the Moutere Hill gave us practical experience to choose the right cornering lines.

I felt that the Course has helped me appreciate the need to always acquire optimal vision, by adopting the right riding lines. I’m now much more confident about positioning the bike on the road. 

Last, I’m very grateful for the Council for sponsoring our learning in this way; I’m sure it’s a great contribution to our safety.


Tim Moriarty”

Want to win a $500 voucher for motorcycle safety gear?

Everyone who rides a motorcycle has a story to tell.

There is a project underway in New Zealand to gather stories about motorcycle riding in order to understand rider behavior and ultimately improve rider safety.

Your stories will be confidential, and will not identify any individual or gather personal information (aside from your email address if you choose to enter the prize draw). In return you will be provided with a copy of the results so you can see the patterns of behavior in the New Zealand riding community.

Just follow this link and it takes you to a page where you can enter info and answer some questions confidentially. There are two $500 vouchers to be won.…

To be in the draw to win, please add your email address at the end of the survey.

Promotion closes 30 June 2019.

If you need any clarification or would like to discuss this further, please contact the organiser on 027 274 3460 or

Or message the Ride to Live team for further info.

Nelson Event - "Ladies Night In @ Filco" - Thursday 16 May 2019

Filco are holding a “Ladies Night In @ Filco”.

If you ride or are wanting to ride then come along and meet some like minded women.

This event caters for on and off road riders. There will be guest speakers sharing over 120 years of motorcycling experience, free information sessions and light refreshments.

RSVP via email to Kelly at by Tuesday 14 May.

Click here to see further information.

Brittany Morrow - 'Wear gear on Motorbikes' safety message delivered to local students

Marlborough was fortunate enough to have Brittany Morrow deliver her ‘wear the gear on motorbikes’ message to local high school and Community College students in Marlborough in February.

All students were enthralled by the high quality presentation, and Brittany was able to tailor the delivery based on the age and needs of the group. As an example, one of the groups was made up of 300 Year 11 and Year 12 boys so a half hour presentation was more appropriate than the 45 minute presentation Brittany delivered to the Year 13 boys.

If you have a group or organisation that might be interested to hear Brittany next year, let us know through this website and we can book her in. 

This comes highly recommended . Follow this link to read the full article


White Ribbon Ride - Riding to End Men's Violence Towards Women

November 25 2018 (Westport to Nelson)

The White Ribbon Ride is one of the most exciting initiatives tackling this country’s crippling domestic violence record. Violence destroys families, sets our children on a destructive journey and affects one in three women. This week-long motorcycle tour happens every November – White Ribbon Month, and is a powerful and inspirational voyage for all involved.

Click here for more information on the Top of the South leg from Westport to Nelson on Sunday November 25 2018, or follow this link to the White Ribbon website for further information and to show your support.

Dave Moss Workshop - Open to all Riders (Blenheim)

Dave Moss - Bike setup, suspension and tuning guru, is back in February 2019.

He will be in Blenheim Saturday 2 February  from 9.00am to 12.00pm at Beatnik Motorsport Ltd. It is free but you will  need to register. Click here for more information.  

Dave will also be presenting at the Shiny Side Up motorcycle event in Nelson on Sunday 3 February 2019. More details will come about this closer to the time.

To read more about Dave Moss please follow this link.