Brittany Morrow - 'Wear gear on Motorbikes' safety message delivered to local students

Marlborough was fortunate enough to have Brittany Morrow deliver her ‘wear the gear on motorbikes’ message to local high school and Community College students in Marlborough in February.

All students were enthralled by the high quality presentation, and Brittany was able to tailor the delivery based on the age and needs of the group. As an example, one of the groups was made up of 300 Year 11 and Year 12 boys so a half hour presentation was more appropriate than the 45 minute presentation Brittany delivered to the Year 13 boys.

If you have a group or organisation that might be interested to hear Brittany next year, let us know through this website and we can book her in. 

This comes highly recommended . Follow this link to read the full article