Ridse Forever Silver Course - Great feedback from the Nelson/Tasman Courses

We received this email below from Tim who had just completed the Silver Ride Forever Course.

Have a read below - and get yourself booked in to share this awesome experience and really get some great skills training!

“I attended the Ride to Live Silver Course in Nelson/Richmond two weeks ago and I wanted to give you some feedback.

The Course was very well organised throughout, with our instructors Kevin and Jason clearly experts in their roles. They were well prepared; their initial evidence-based briefing gave us an appreciation of some worrying accident statistics and gave us the opportunity to ask ‘the burning questions’.

The practical aspects were well-chosen and helped us to develop balanced control of the bike at low speeds; the following excursion up the Moutere Hill gave us practical experience to choose the right cornering lines.

I felt that the Course has helped me appreciate the need to always acquire optimal vision, by adopting the right riding lines. I’m now much more confident about positioning the bike on the road. 

Last, I’m very grateful for the Council for sponsoring our learning in this way; I’m sure it’s a great contribution to our safety.


Tim Moriarty”