Had a near miss or incident?  Report it here....

We are after details of any near miss or incident you may have had - whether it was your fault, someone else's fault or something else happened. At the moment we only have access to data collected by the Police, but know there is a lot of unreported incidents and near misses out there.

Information received will not be handed onto police or used against the rider in anyway, we just want the information. We are not here to pass judgment on if you were riding a bit fast!

We will use this information to look at routes or specific locations with high numbers of incidents/near misses or comments from riders, crash causes, planned maintenance, safety campaigns, or to investigate something further. Your information will give us a better idea of what's going on out there.

Remember - if you  want to report a road issue (e.g. gravel, pot hole etc) please ring for Tasman District Council 03 543 8400; Nelson City Council 03 546 0200; Marlborough Roads 03 520 8330; State Highways 0800 4 HIGHWAYS. Or you can report the issue through the Snap Send Solve website.

Please tick all boxes that apply. 

What other vehicles were invovled?
Did you come off your bike?
Did you hit anything?
What do you think contributed to your incident?
Were you injured?
Was your bike damaged?
Did the Police attend?
Do you want someone to contact you about this incident?